The Global Competency Certificate

The GCC is a complementary tool to traditional language courses. It is an innovative blended educational program, with engaging videos and opportunities for global peer interaction, before they arrive, while they are in Canada and after they go back home. It is a way to provide improved intercultural learning and cross-cultural adjustment training to increasingly diverse and internationally mobile students/participants. As such, it reduces stereotypes and prejudice and stimulates intercultural dialogue in Canada or any country in the world partnered with Sentio, much needed skills in today’s world.


•     Learners connect to a global cohort of peers before, during and after their experience in a new cultural environment.

•     Those who support the learners in their overall experience develop a common language with learners around intercultural topics and navigating culture (e.g. are you
going through a cultural surprise, irritation, or shock?), aiding any challenges a learner might go through.

•     The online environment provides continuity and support throughout the learning journey (before, during, and after an intercultural experience). 

•     Learners can absorb content at their own pace and revisit previous content

•     By addressing various learning styles, we meet learners where they are. For example, a reflective observer may enjoy watching videos and reading the forum spaces the most, while people who prefer an active engagement style can actively participate in the forums or live sessions.

* Preferred pricing for the accounts: Sentio currently offers the GCC at $95 USD. Languages Canada is pleased to offer the GCC at a 25% discount to its members ($71.25 USD at current exchange rates). As LC Members will need to pay in CAD, the $71.25 USD converted will be $95.00 CAD  plus GST. Please note that this rate is subject to change due to fluctuations in currency exchange.

Upon signing the licensing agreement with Sentio Global Network, Languages Canada members will receive:

- One FREE demo account per institution

- One FREE account and one FREE facilitator training (valued at $125 USD)

- Preferred pricing for the accounts 

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"We sincerely believe this partnership will benefit all levels of second language education in the country. Students will benefit from training that will allow them to better understand and integrate themselves into their environment. Schools will receive additional training. And Languages Canada wins a partner. " -- Gonzalo Peralta, LC Executive Director 

“All too often, second language education is limited to a conventional teaching experience in class. Language learning and development of global competence are two sides of the same coin. Thanks to this partnership, tens of thousands of students coming into Canada can better adapt to the new cultural environment in which they find themselves and thus perform better in class and overall in their experience abroad”. -- Bert Vercamer, General Manager of Sentio