Recipient of the Languages Canada scholarship arrives at Trent University

OTTAWA, ON – April 19, 2017 – Languages Canada is pleased to announce that Renato Medeiros da Fonseca Jr., recipient of the second Languages Canada IsM (Idiomas sim Fronteiras) Scholarship has arrived in Peterborough, Ontario where he will spend a month with Trent-ESL conducting research on their English for Academic purposes program. Renato is an English language instructor at Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA) in Brazil.  

“Trent University and the Trent-ESL program are thrilled to host Renato at our campus and in Peterborough. The potential for learning and sharing is the stepping stone for many exciting interactions for the future. " - Cath D’Amico, Manager of the Trent-ESL English for University Program and President of Languages Canada

As part of the agreement with Brazil’s Ministry of Education’s (MEC) English Without Borders program, Languages Canada awards the top prize in a national competition by Brazilian federal universities at the Idiomas sim Fronteiras (Languages without Borders) annual conference. Renato Medeiros da Fonseca Jr., from the Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA), was selected as this year’s winner.

"It is great to have this scholarship opportunity and I am thankful to Languages Canada, and to Trent University for this opportunity. It has been a pleasure to have the chance to experience the Trent-ESL program classes and the instructors here. I look forward to the coming weeks!" - Renato Medeiros da Fonseca Jr.

Languages Canada is proud to offer Renato the opportunity to further his learning and research at Trent University through programs designed to meet his individual goal and interest in language education. We would also like to thank Trent-ESL and Smrt English Ltd. for helping to make this year’s scholarship possible.

Cath D'Amico (left), Manager of Trent-ESL English for University Program and President of LC; Renato Medeiros da Fonseca Jr. (center); Dr. Michael Eamon (right), Acting Director of Trent International.