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Languages Canada

Study Safe Corridor

The Study Safe Corridor is Languages Canada's COVID-19 response initiative

The context

Languages Canada members welcome 150,000 international students to Canada every year. One-third of these students continue on to post-secondary education at Canadian universities and colleges, making language education an important contributor to Canada’s $22 billion/year international education sector.

During their stay, these students explore our country and culture and add to the richness and diversity of our society. Many students decide to stay beyond their studies and call Canada “home”. Language education is an essential step not only to further education, but an essential part of the equation for meeting Canada’s labour force and immigration goals.

A June 25, 2020 survey of Languages Canada members indicates that, under the status quo, 75% of accredited English and French language programs will be forced to permanently close in the next six months. Even more will follow in 2021.

Something must be done to save decades of investment, to save a sector that promotes our official languages and values.

The response

The Study Safe Corridor is a safe way of bringing international students to Canada. It is designed to recruit and prepare qualified international language students, offer a safe and controlled travel corridor to Canada, provide a comfortable quarantine process, and ensure that both students and host Canadians are safe as students enter into Canadian schools and communities.

In the phased and targeted reopening of Canada’s borders following the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, Languages Canada member schools are committed to working with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) to welcome international students in a safe manner that greatly reduces the risk of transmission of COVID-19 in Canada.

The Study Safe Corridor is a comprehensive package of complementary elements that the association has put in place to support its member programs in meeting the commitment of health safety to Canadians.

Through the Study Safe Corridor, Languages Canada members will ensure that all needed safety and security elements are in place to welcome a targeted 40,000 international language education students from July 1, 2020, to March 31, 2021.

Through the Study Safe Corridor, Languages Canada members commit to

Ensuring that students comply with the requirements for safe travel and mandatory quarantine upon arrival to Canada

Making all necessary arrangements for students’ safe travel and 14-day quarantine upon arrival

Monitoring and supporting students throughout the duration of their mandatory quarantine

Providing an academic environment that adheres to the regulations and guidelines of public health authorities

Elements of the Study Safe Corridor

The Study Safe Corridor supports Languages Canada member programs and protects international students and Canadians at every juncture of students’ study-in-Canada journey during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Supporting members in their commitment to health and safety

Languages Canada member schools are committed to operating in a way that prioritizes the health and safety of students, staff, host families, and communities, by adhering to the reopening regulations and guidelines of federal, provincial, and local public health authorities.

The Study Safe Corridor provides Languages Canada member schools with a comprehensive suite of protocols, guidelines and templates to help them operate in a way that prioritizes health and safety, and ensure that incoming students understand and comply with safe travel and quarantine requirements.

Languages Canada COVID-19 Guidelines for Operation of Private Language Schools
This document provides institutional preparedness guidance for day-to-day language school operation under COVID-19 conditions. The measures listed in these guidelines are understood to be the minimum requirements for compliance with public health directives and are updated as needed. LC members may choose to go above and beyond these guidelines.

Languages Canada Protocol for the Safe Arrival and Quarantine of International Students
This document provides clear guidelines to LC members to ensure that students comply with safe travel and quarantine requirements.

COVID-19 International Student Travel and Quarantine Checklist
This document provides step-by-step instructions to incoming international students on how to safely prepare, travel, arrive, and quarantine, including a signed form whereby students confirm their understanding and acceptance of the requirement to quarantine upon arrival in Canada.

COVID-19 International Student Quarantine Plan Template
This fillable document outlines students’ quarantine plan, which students will be expected to complete and print for presentation to their CBSA agent upon arrival in Canada.

Supporting international students by offering a comprehensive, affordable and worry-free quarantine solution

As part of the Study Safe Corridor, Languages Canada has developed TRAVEL SAFE, a comprehensive and worry-free arrival and quarantine solution for international students travelling to Canada. Through TRAVEL SAFE, your students can purchase competitively-priced quarantine packages, including:

  • A 14-night quarantine hotel stay upon arrival at special, discounted rates
  • 3 meals per day delivered to their hotel room for the duration of their quarantine stay
  • Private, COVID-safe transportation from airport to hotel
  • Comprehensive 4-week health insurance plan with COVID-19 coverage 
  • Access to mental wellness counselling services through SAFE by guard.meCares for the duration of their quarantine stay
  • A Canadian phone number and SIM card for their mobile device for 1 month, including 5GB of data, unlimited Canada-wide calling, and unlimited international text and picture messaging
  • All necessary Study Safe Corridor documentation to ensure your students are fully informed of travel and arrival requirements and have a smooth entry process into Canada

Optional Add-On Flight Package
Along with their Safe Arrival and Quarantine package, students can book their flight to Canada through TRAVEL SAFE at special discounted rates with help from a certified travel agent and take advantage of 24-7 travel support available in multiple languages.

Students can book their TRAVEL SAFE package here:

Promoting the Study Safe Corridor to prospective students

The branding of the study-in-Canada experience will shift in the coming months, with emphasis on the support offered to students via the Study Safe Corridor and students’ requirements to comply with strict safety measures to reduce risk of transmission of COVID-19, including mandatory quarantine.

To support this branding and promotion effort, Languages Canada has proposed the creation of a government of Canada “Student Safe Travel and Arrival” subsidy, which would offset part of the cost of students’ flights and quarantine, sending the message that international students matter to Canada, that we are here to support them to come to Canada safely, and ultimately incentivizing international students to choose Canada as their study destination of choice, rather than a competitor country.