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Why Canada?

Canada’s national anthem is sung in two languages. When you shop, products have French and English packages. In many cities, like Ottawa and Montreal, you hear both languages on a daily basis. Canadians understand and appreciate that languages expand horizons, open new opportunities and build bridged with peoples of the world. We embrace diversity and value inclusion. It all makes Canada a welcoming destination for international students looking to study English and French.

  • Canada is rated as one of the highest quality language education destinations in the world. Our people have so much to offer – and so much to learn − from international students, like you. Canadians are known for an entrepreneurial spirit, world-class cultural talent, safe cities, a high quality of life and outstanding education. It all makes Canada a top-choice for international language students.

    World-Class Talent

    Canada is a top-performing country in terms of the quality of its educational system according to the OECD. Five of the world’s top 100 business schools are in Canada.

    Solid Economy

    Canada has been one of the top five leaders in economic growth among G-7 countries over the past decade. Canada has been called the best country in the G-20 to do business.

    Quality of Life

    Canada has been among the top 10 countries in the United Nations Quality of Life Index for nine years.

    Multicultural Environment

    Canada has a strong and proud tradition of multiculturalism, with most of the world’s languages spoken here, and cultural festivals and celebrations taking place in our cities throughout the year.

    Bilingual Nation

    Canada’s bilingual nature is rooted not only in our culture and history, but also in our laws, constitution, and education systems. Ours is a country that values language, and the dynamic to respect those values has resulted in language education that is unique and of great quality.

    Canadian Culture

    If you like big cities, with an exciting social scene, art galleries or museums, we have those. If you like the slower pace of smaller communities, often with nature at your doorstep, you’ll find that in Canada, too. To get the full Canadian experience, you can choose to live with a great Canadian family.

    Beautiful Nature

    Canada is bordered by three oceans, and has tens of thousands of lakes, rivers and streams. It has a variety of regional climates, from crisp winters, to warm summers and moderate coastal regions. There are rich forests, rugged mountains, vast prairies, pristine beaches – and networks of provincial and national parks that allow you to explore them all in our unrivalled natural playground.

    The Obvious Choice

    Language is a fundamental element in top quality education and the productivity of a nation. When you choose Canada as destination, you are choosing a country that depends on top quality language programs to support the highest quality of education, quality of life, and a strong economy. You are choosing a country that values language, and that offers all of this in two of the world’s most important languages, English and French.

    Download our bilingual brochure!

    For more information about Canada, visit the Government of Canada’s website.

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